Donating to our cause

We want to become your charity of choice for item donations. Below is a list of items we encourage and items we don't accept right now. We have limited space to do the most good, so we hope you understand if we respectfully pass on larger items. We will redistribute items that ultimately don't sell in our store to organizations in need of those particular things. We will also donate to groups that upcycle and/or de-manufacture items for their raw materials.

Donation requests & guidelines

Items SHOULD be:

  • Relatively clean (we wash most items upon receipt)

  • On-trend, fashionable

  • New, like-new or low signs of wear

  • In working condition, contain all parts

Items should NOT be:

  • Damaged, dirty/stained, showing excessive wear

  • Broken, not working properly or missing pieces​

  • Something you deem inappropriate (slogans)

  • Too large to fit in a small SUV or van

We'll DoubleTake:

Donations we are especially seeking for resale are listed below.

We will begin accept donations again at our 6318 Burnet Road location once the coronavirus pandemic has cleared.

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