Donating to our cause

Thank you for considering us for your item donations -- we know you have plenty of options! Below is a list of items we encourage, and here is a list of items we don't accept.* We have limited space to do the most good, so we hope you understand when we respectfully pass on items from that list. It takes an extraordinary amount of effort to redistribute items we can't sell, so really appreciate your reviewing our guidelines.

*We will redistribute items that we don't sell to organizations needing those particular items. We prioritize groups that upcycle and/or de-manufacture items for their raw materials.

Donation requests & guidelines

Items SHOULD be:

  • Fairly clean (we wash non-dry-cleaned items)

  • On-trend, fashionable

  • New, like-new or low signs of wear

  • In working condition, contain all parts

Items should NOT be:

  • Damaged, dirty/stained, showing excessive wear

  • Broken, not working properly or missing pieces​

  • Something deemed inappropriate (slogans)

  • Too large to fit in a small SUV or van

We'll DoubleTake:

Donations we are especially seeking for resale are listed below.

We are accepting donations at our 6318 Burnet Road location on a scheduled basis. Please schedule your donation here.

  • Women's Wear

    Our bread & butter!

    On-trend dresses, skirts, tops, shorts, jeans, pants, belts and accessories. We especially love name brands and labels!

  • Jewelry & Watches

    A girl's best friend!

    Taste for jewelry comes and goes. Why not donate pieces you no longer enjoy?

    *Fine jewelry may be resold on an alternate platform to maximize value.

  • Gift Items

    Get your girlie on!

    Unused gift soaps, candles, lotions, and other gifty items. You didn't care for it, but someone else may love it!

  • s_5ac7061fb7f72b1ee1b1a9b1.jpg

    All things ATX & Music

    Festivals, skylines, and bats, oh my!

    Images of Austin -- the places, festivals, bands, iconic eateries -- OR any concert/band t-shirts. We'd love them!

  • Shoes, Purses, Totes

    Bag lady or shoe addict?

    Whichever you are, we know you have more than you need. Quality bags and shoes raise lots of money for the cause!

  • Teens/Junior Sizes

    Shopping for a cause starts early!

    Teens are ahead of the curve -- they love resale: cutoffs, concert tees, iconic brands, jeans, cute tops. Yes, please! 

  • Longhorn Gear

    We specialize in Burnt Orange!

    Help us build the best selection of burnt orange wearables and gear -- for men, women, and home. Hook 'em!

  • span4.jpg

    Artwork & Cool Pieces

    We have collectors!

    Want to donate a piece of art or an eclectic item? We'll find a new home for can ride off with the write-off!

  • Home Decor 

    Home is where the heart is!

    We love unique boxes, clocks, candle holders, seasonal decorative items. Oooh...and really dig vintage!

  • Black Dresses

    Call us 'Destination Black Dress'

    We're a sisterhood of black dress lovers!  Flattering and confidence-boosting. Bring 'em in, sisters!

  • Fashion Model

    Men's Fashion

    Casual classics sell best!

    Our shoppers prefer classy and casual: sportswear, jeans (esp. Levi's), shirts.  No suits, please. They sadly do not resell.

  • Sports Top

    Athletic Wear

    Nicely laundered, please!

    Austin is fit do what you do best: bring it!  Lululemon and other nicer brands especially fly off the racks!

  • Girl Posing in Photo Booth

    Hip Kids Clothing

    Young fashionista growing up?

    Not living in The Plaza Hotel but dresses like she/he could? We love those special items for our Kid's Closet!

  • Collections & Books

    Small collections & great reads?

    We'll take collections of smaller items: book sets, movie series. And individual great-read hardbacks, too!

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