Donating to our cause

We want to become your charity of choice for item donations. Below is a list of items we encourage and items we don't accept right now. *We have limited space to do the most good, so we hope you understand if we respectfully pass on larger items.* We will redistribute items that ultimately don't sell in our store to organizations in need of those particular things. We will also donate to groups that upcycle and/or de-manufacture items for their raw materials.

Donation requests & guidelines

Items SHOULD be:

  • Fairly clean (we wash non-dry-cleaned items)

  • On-trend, fashionable

  • New, like-new or low signs of wear

  • In working condition, contain all parts

Items should NOT be:

  • Damaged, dirty/stained, showing excessive wear

  • Broken, not working properly or missing pieces​

  • Something you deem inappropriate (slogans)

  • Too large to fit in a small SUV or van

We'll DoubleTake:

Donations we are especially seeking for resale are listed below.

We are accepting donations at our 6318 Burnet Road location on a scheduled basis. Please refer to our calendar.

  • Women's Wear

    Our bread & butter!

    On-trend dresses, skirts, tops, shorts, jeans, pants, belts and accessories. We especially love name brands and labels!

  • Jewelry & Watches

    A girl's best friend!

    Taste for jewelry comes and goes. Why not donate pieces you no longer enjoy?

    *Fine jewelry may be resold on an alternate platform to maximize value.

  • Gift Items

    Get your girlie on!

    Unused gift soaps, candles, lotions, and other gifty items. You didn't care for it, but someone else may love it!

  • s_5ac7061fb7f72b1ee1b1a9b1.jpg

    All things ATX & Music

    Festivals, skylines, and bats, oh my!

    Images of Austin -- the places, festivals, bands, iconic eateries -- OR any concert/band t-shirts. We'd love them!

  • Shoes, Purses, Totes

    Bag lady or shoe addict?

    Whichever you are, we know you have more than you need. Quality bags and shoes raise lots of money for the cause!

  • Teens/Junior Sizes

    Shopping for a cause starts early!

    Teens are ahead of the curve -- they love resale: cutoffs, concert tees, iconic brands, jeans, cute tops. Yes, please! 

  • Longhorn Gear

    We specialize in Burnt Orange!

    Help us build the best selection of burnt orange wearables and gear -- for men, women, and home. Hook 'em!

  • span4.jpg

    Artwork & Cool Pieces

    We have collectors!

    Want to donate a piece of art or an eclectic item? We'll find a new home for can ride off with the write-off!

  • Home Decor 

    Home is where the heart is!

    We love unique boxes, clocks, candle holders, seasonal decorative items. Oooh...and really dig vintage!

  • Black Dresses

    Call us 'Destination Black Dress'

    We're a sisterhood of black dress lovers!  Flattering and confidence-boosting. Bring 'em in, sisters!

  • Fashion Model

    Men's Fashion

    Casual classics sell best!

    Our shoppers prefer classy casual, but we're happy to bring your dress suits for consignment (and collect the cash).

  • Sports Top

    Athletic Wear

    Nicely laundered, please!

    Austin is fit city and we know you like changing up your look. So do what you do best: bring it!  (Okay, wash it first!)

  • Girl Posing in Photo Booth

    Hip Kids Clothing

    Young fashionista growing up?

    Not living in The Plaza Hotel but dresses like she/he could? We love those special items! 

  • Collections & Books

    Small collections & great reads?

    We'll take collections of smaller items: book sets, movie series. And individual great-read hardbacks, too!

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