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Scene 2. What next?

Updated: 3 days ago

Last week this COVID-19 pandemic had us social distancing. Today came a mandatory "Shelter in Place" order from the Mayor: No unnecessary travel outside the home. For the most part, our city has become a ghost town overnight.

Our DoubleTake ATX Plan B (or was it C or D?) was to sell some items online and let people come by for a 'contactless pickup' (that's the process du jour.) With people unable to leave their homes, that plan was a non-starter. So we're continuing to call audibles daily, even hourly. In 36 hours, we will have signs up at our building and yet, after all these months, no ribbon cuttings or champagne toasts.

I'm afraid to look over my should to see what's coming next, so I choose to look ahead and see what we can all accomplish together. Stay tuned. We'll need you!