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Beautiful, brilliant color earrings - photos don't do them justice! End of earrings will fall 2" from lobe.  Very lightweight and wearable.


While his jewelry is sold across the country in fine galleries and museum shops, Jimmy Poyer's work is in high demand.  Poyer has resisted the temptation to set up a shop with other people producing his work or to cast the silver and gold for his designs. Every piece is built by hand from sheet silver, wire and natural stones. He enjoys working with turquoise, but is fascinated with the patterns and colors from shells, malachite, jet, coral, sugilite, lapis and other semi-precious stones. Jimmy Poyer is proud of every piece he creates. His greatest pleasure comes from having others enjoy his work.

Jimmy Poyer Sterling + Lapis, Turquoise & Onyx Inlay Earrings

SKU: 1028608
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