Catalog Shopping & The Trunk Club

Need a little pick me up? Go Catalog Shopping!

Browse our catalogs below, select your favorites and come by our shop to pick them up. You can buy shoes, jewelry, purses or gift items straight away: we'll load your selected items in a clean plastic bin, bring them out to our darling front sidewalk and allow you to shop right here! See some apparel you want to try out? Join our Trunk Club! Select several pieces -- or let us know what you're interested in -- and try them on in the comfort of your own home. We know this involves a certain level of trust, but we're ready to start spreading the DoubleTake ATX spirit! 

How The Trunk Club works:

  1. Review the apparel catalogson this page and track the page numbers and item descriptions of those you'd like to test/try on.

  2. Send us a list of those items, along with a photo of your drivers license and your telephone number to our email.

  3. When your order is ready, you will receive an email & text to let you know when you can pick them up at our store (6318 Burnet Rd.).

  4. Upon arrival, please open your trunk; we will load your item(s) -no need to leave your car (please line your trunk with a clean sheet!

  5. You have 48 hours to review the items and return those you don't want to purchase. We will process the transaction over the phone.

*Catalogs are currently being produced. Many will be available for viewing on May 13. We will continually update them.

St. John Collection
We have more than 20 pieces of beautiful and classic St. John apparel, some new with tags still on them!
High End Fashion
Couture, high fashion, iconic designers. We've got an entire section devoted to these "highbrow' items!
An array of gorgeous dresses, skirts and blouses from ESCADA. You'll go ga-ga!
Casual Dresses (Sm & XS)
Summertime is here!
Casual Dresses (Medium)
Dresses (L, XL, XXL)
Shoes (Sz. 6 - 7.5)
Shoes (Sz. 8-8.5)
Shoes (Sz. 9 - 9.5)
Purses & Bags
Athletic Wear
Gift Items
Coming Soon: Cute tops & blouses
Coming Soon: Men's Shirts
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