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There are several ways you can help with our DoubleTake ATX efforts:

  • Follow us: on social media (@doubletakeatx) and share our posts with your friends. 

  • Talk about us: we want people to donate items, and we need people to shop!

  • Shop: We will have something for everyone.

  • Donate: next time you're cleaning closets or home, consider donating!

Thank you to everyone who contributed their gifts to DoubleTake ATX for resale this past year. Your generous spirits are at the heart of our efforts to support Center for Child Protection!

Support our Generous Partners & Sponsors

We couldn't do this without the generous support of local people and businesses who believe in our mission and help us make DoubleTake ATX a reality. From conception to construction, advisors to providers, we have been blessed with benevolence. If you have the opportunity, please thank them. We would encourage you to choose our business partners the next time you're in the market for their services!

Double Agents are here to help!

If you are interested in donating but don't have access or time to get to our store, please connect with one of our Double Agents -- our official ambassadors -- located throughout the Central Texas area. 


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